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Getting Your Local Business Website Ranking High in the World of Google

From my previous articles hopefully you have seen why your local business must have a website to stay competitive in today’s online world. And you should also know that just putting up a website online isn’t going to cut it either. Your site must rank high on Google so that when your potential customers are looking for your product or service BAM your business is listed on page 1 right for them to see. If your customers can’t find you then any money you have spent on your website is just a waste. You may as well have bet it all on the races.So how do you get your website ranked high in Google??Well there is probably dozens if not hundreds of people you could contact in your area to build you a website. You can even go online and find thousands of people who can build you a site, all of which will charge you hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars to build you a site with no guarantee you will make that elusive page one ranking. If they cant get your local small business into a page one ranking for your business then what is the point of spending your hard earned money.Most web designers, especially ones who aren’t working for big companies have learnt to make excellent websites with all the bells and whistles that look fantastic. You will look at it and say WOW, yours friends will go WOW, there will be no doubt you can have a good looking site made.You just wont get any customers because when your customers go looking for you, you will not be on the first page of google. And that’s all there is too it. No page one ranking, no business PERIOD.Why? Mainly because Google doesn’t rank sites on how good they look or how much they cost to build and set up. As a matter of fact Google couldn’t care less for how great your site looks. In fact not only does all the fancy web designer bells and whistles not rank high it can have an extremely negative effect on your ranking. Which is the last thing you want to do if you are searching for a page one ranking.What does Google look for? Google judges a website on how relevant it is to the search term. When people look for carpet cleaning in Sydney Google wants to be able to put in front of them listing that have a direct bearing on their search term. After all if I’m looking for carpet cleaners in Sydney and Google brings me up a list of carpet cleaners from around the globe and not Sydney that will be pretty useless to me wont it.You can build websites that Google likes. It’s called optimizing. When you have a website built you should optimize the underlying code and the content of your webpages. This will allow you to rank high with Google, very high in fact.The higher up in Google your website gets the easier it is for you to stay there. Why? because as you are higher in the rankings more people click on your site and that tells the Google “spiders” that your site is even more relevant to the search term. When we build a top ranked website you go right to the top and you stay there.Want some even better news. Most website designers want thousands of dollars out of you and you would be surprised of the amount of people willing to pay these high prices with no guarantee of a page one ranking. This is totally unnecessary, for $795 you can get a really cool looking website that ranks high in Google and pulls in leads and customers by the hundreds.There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a super fancy website, thats not the point anyway. The point is to get your business noticed, when a potential customer is searching for your product or service in your area they see you.Contact us today and in a few short weeks you can have your local business ranking on page one of Google. This will give you visibility online, more customers and more profit.