Fun Activities For Tweens

Tweens are kids in an ‘in-between’ stage of life. Thus, it is often hard to keep them entertained and happy. The following are a few fun activity ideas for tweens: 1. Local day camps. Tweens are inherently social, and so one fun way to help them fill their summer days is by getting them involved in day camps that offer all kinds of activities. They may offer sports, or outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. They may have crafts, or singing, art, etc. 2. YMCA or REC center classes. A lot of recreation centers have fun classes that tweens can take to expand their interests or improve their current skill sets. They can do things like club soccer teams, or swim lessons, or a dance class. Look into it, as this can keep them busy and active. 3. Swimming. Tweens tend to love to swim, especially if they have friends to go to the pool with. So, check out your local public pool hours, and drop your tween off to let them swim with friends for a few hours. They will enjoy the exercise and the social side of swimming. 4. Cooking. Tweens love doing anything that helps them feel more grown up, or taken seriously. Let your tween get involved in some of the family meal planning, and allow them to bake, or fix dinner one night a week. They will have fun making cookies, brownies, cupcakes, bread, etc., and will love the compliments they get when you allow them to fix meals. It will also teach them a valuable skill. 5. Make up a movie or skit. You can give tweens a task to write a movie plot, and act it out on video. Then, your family can have a movie night where they watch the home made creation, along with popping popcorn, and rootbeer floats. Give them a week to work on it, and provide them with tools to make props, and costumes. In addition, have them get their friends in on it so that they have other actors and actresses to join in the fun. 6. Reading. Reading can be a great activity for tweens, as well as helps them develop the important skills of reading and comprehension. Arm them with books that are at their reading level, and interest level, and let them enjoy getting lost in a story. Take them to the library once a week to replenish their reading stock, and give them ample time to get lost in the world provided in their books. If you aren’t sure where to start, allow them to join a summer reading program provided by your library.These are just a few of the fun activities that can keep your tween busy this summer, or even during the school year. Just remember, they may be a tween, but they are not without interests, so ask what they think would be fun and entertaining.

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